6:30 pm18:30

BK4T P4K Pre-Party

  • The Whistler

From event info: "It's here! The best weekend of summer! Help us celebrate Book Fort's fourth year at Pitchfork Music Festival Thursday night as we kick-off this incredible/exhausting/beautiful/boozy weekend. Drinks provided by The Whistler, readings curated by Book Fort, and fun had by you!

We'll be hosting readings and a mini-vendor fair to get you in the mood for our bookish weekend."

Readers: Carrie Lorig, Mark Cugini, Rachel Hyman, Craig Griffin, Alexis Pope, Rey Andujar

Link to more event and biographical info (Facebook)

8:00 pm20:00

Poetry at The Fickle Peach (Pope, Lorig, Hollowell, Hansen, Lovelace)

  • The Fickle Peach

From event info: "HEY, MUNCIE!
got two poets coming through town on tour, so let's show them how polite & attentive we can be. i corralled three locals (yokels?) to complement our traveling authors. using the term "poetry" loosely here; the literary work featured spans genres like covers of 'Mad World.'"

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6:00 pm18:00

THE BIG BIG MESS feat. Mortara / Day / Miller / Courtright / Finch / Lorig / Pope

  • Annabelle's

From event info: "The Big Big Mess Reading Series is going to be big this month. Bigger than a whole box of tank fireworks and a 12-pack of Coke.

This month features seven readers including: a good bye to longtime attendee and supporter Erin L. Miller, a first time welcome reading by tour high/weary John Mortara, a midwest-siblings high five to Adam Day and Kat Finch, an aren't-you-from-here-or-something visit from Nick Courtright, a there's-no-Jeb-Bush-here tan comparison with Carrie Lorig, and a Welcome Back Kotter Sweathog style reunion with Alexis Pope. And if that wasn't enough: books for sale and prize giveaways."

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7:00 pm19:00


  • Modern Formations

From event info: "Carrie Lorig and Alexis Pope seethe into the city of bridges this July, pulling magnetized like-minders to them like frenzied tentacles bringing their children home for midnight mass. Emily O'Neill, Cassandra de Alba, and Shawn Maddey circle the wagons and tell tales of blades and grief and what lives in the underbrush.

Join us, for whatever happens + happens.

The event (and the wine!) is free, which leaves you money to buy books from one or more of the authors, which will be available for purchase after the reading. Come one, come all, be there, don't be a □."

Link to more information and bios (Facebook)